Fear is a Liar

I stopped in my tracks the first time I heard this song. When my mind starts to fill with self-doubt and confusion, this song helps me remember that it’s just fear talking. It’s not real. Fear tells me that I’m not worthy of love. Fear is a liar. Advertisements

Missing you

Sadness and loss never leave my heart completely Just when I think I’ve got a handle on it and I’m a master of detachment the emptiness slips right back in I miss my real brother I miss his three children I miss his wife I miss my youngest real brother he who does not want to know me I miss … More Missing you

Rewriting My Script

I went out to dinner recently with my family to celebrate my adoptive mother’s birthday. It was a last minute assembly, and they were thirty minutes late to the restaurant. Despite the tardiness, which is the norm for my mother, it turned out to be a very pleasant evening. Though we live close by, I … More Rewriting My Script